Water Treatment

Water Treatment Facility - Perform anything from simple monitoring to data logging, control and SCADA functionality.

Water Treatment Facilities


What's Important In Your MUNICIPAL WATER facility?

  • Tank Levels
  • Power Failure
  • Flow Rates
  • Security
  • Pump Status
  • Equipment Failure
  • Turbidity

For 30 years, Sensaphone auto dialers have been minimizing environmental impact and preventing contamination from overflowing wet wells and lift stations to fresh water supplies. The units integrate seamlessly into floats, pump alarm outputs and level transducers, monitoring 24/7 and alerting wastewater operators and municipality sewer authorities to potential issues. When there’s a power or equipment failure, or conditions like flow rate, tank level, turbidity are outside your pre-set range, you are instantly alerted via phone, text or email.

Whether you have a simplex, duplex or triplex pumping station, installing a Sensaphone system provides an extra layer of protection that reduces travel site costs, man-hours and spill/cleanup fees.

Starter Solution

Sensaphone 1400 Monitoring System

Sensaphone 1400 Monitoring System

The Sensaphone1400 system remotely monitors water and wastewater facilities to help keep operations running smoothly. The system is a simple, convenient, cost-effective solution ideal for smaller facilities. The system monitors status conditions 24/7, including existing floats, pump alarm outputs, power failure and security for up to four locations. When the system identifies a potential problem, it can immediately alert up to eight people with custom phone calls. The internal rechargeable battery backup provides 24 hours of continuous monitoring and alerts in the event of a power outage. Each unit is sealed in an enclosure to protect it from moisture, dirt and chemicals. Operators can obtain the status of each monitored condition at the installation site or by telephone.


  • Rugged, weatherproof NEMA-4X enclosure protects from harsh environments
  • Receive voice alerts and alarm notifications over standard telephone lines
  • Notifies up to eight people by voice phone call in the event of an alarm
  • Record custom voice alerts and receive alarm messages in your own voice
Intermediate Solution

Sensaphone Sentinel Monitoring System with Cellular Modem

Sensaphone Sentinel Monitoring System with Cellular Modem

The Sentinel is a cellular-based system that remotely monitors up to 12 different environmental and equipment status conditions including tank levels, power failures, flow rates, pump status, turbidity and temperature in water and wastewater applications. When Sentinel detects issues, it instantly sends alerts via phone, text or email over standard cellular networks. The system is ideal for operations where Internet or landline connectivity is unavailable. Users can access information and make system changes from any web-enabled device or a mobile app. Sentinel stores all readings in the cloud, which protects against data loss, provides unlimited information storage and allows multiple devices to be managed from one account. No software is required, so installation, integration and management are easy. Sentinel can deliver daily event reports and generate an audit trail of user data activities.


  • Secure, user–friendly online control panel provides a software–free, anytime, anywhere environment for managing your systems
  • Store your sensor readings in “the cloud” to automatically protect against data loss and provide limitless information storage.
  • Receive alarm notifications through a cellular connection
  • Notifies an unlimited number of people by e-mail, text message or voice phone calls in the event of an alarm
  • Up to twelve external sensors monitor temperature, humidity, water and more
  • A cellular modem provides operation in locations where an ethernet connection is unobtainable
  • Manage multiple units, make programming changes and access status conditions using a simple, powerful web-based interface
  • Contact us before purchasing to confirm cellular coverage
Advanced Solution

Sensaphone CELL682 Monitoring System

Sensaphone CELL682 Monitoring System

The Sensaphone® CELL682system monitors equipment operating at water and wastewater facilities to protect valuable assets and avoid costly downtime. Because it communicates via standard cellular networks, the system is ideal for facilities in the most remote locations where telephone and Ethernet connections are unavailable. The system can monitor up to 14 critical conditions 24/7, including tank levels, turbidity, pump status, flow rates, security, power failure and equipment failure. If the system detects a potential problem, it sends alarm notification to up to 24 voice, text or email destinations. Users can access status information and make programming changes via a web portal. The CELL682 system is sealed in an enclosure to protect it from harsh conditions.


  • Ideal for remote, unmanned facilities where telephone or Ethernet lines are not available
  • Access status information and make programming changes via web page
  • Receive voice alerts and alarm notifications over standard cellular networks
  • Notifies up to 24 people by any combination of voice phone call, e-mail, or text message in the event of an alarm
  • Includes 14 total inputs; with eight dry contact/six analog (4-20mA) connections
  • Two included relay outputs can switch local devices on/off based on alarm activity
  • Machine-to-machine control among CELL682 units and pump control
  • Contact us before purchasing for cellular coverage availability