IMS Solution Zone Water Detection Sensor

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Product Number: IMS-4830

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  • Senspahone IMS Solution Zone Water Detection Sensor

Widespread water detection

Product Number: IMS-4830

The IMS-4830 Water Detection sensor protects your server and equipment from damaging water leaks from malfunctioning HVAC systems, cafeteria accidents, or any general plumbing failures in your facilities. The IMS-4830 is powered directly by the IMS unit.
After mounting the sensor, attach the included 10′ of WaterRope, and simply lay its orange cable around your equipment: place it on the floor or beneath a raised floor; inside a dropceiling or in the rafters between floors; or anywhere you must know about water near your equipment.
You can attach additional Water Detection sensors to each other to expand your water leak detection capabilities throughout your facility; alternatively, IMS WaterRopes are designed to plug into each other to widen your perimeter for any individual sensor.

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