Sensaphone SAT4D Monitoring System

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Product Number: FGD-SAT4D

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  • Sensaphone SAT4D Monitoring System

Monitor Remote Facilities in ANY Location... by Satellite

Product Number: FGD-SAT4D

  • Ideal for remote facilities where no other communications are available
  • No power supply required – runs on battery power for up to three years
  • Receive voice alerts and alarm notifications through direct satellite uplink
  • Program as many as eight telephone numbers and six e-mail or text message alert notifications

Product Details: The Sensaphone SAT4D Monitoring System is a convenient, powerful monitoring solution suitable for even the most remote locations with no telephone or network connections. Using satellite technology, the SAT4D provides virtually unlimited coverage throughout the United States and many other countries without relying on telephone lines, Ethernet connections, or cellular networks. The SAT4D can operate in temperatures ranging from -22° to 140°F without any effect on battery life. Website access allows users to access status information and make programming changes.

  • Monitors up to four total dry-contact inputs
  • Operating temperature range from -22° to 140°F | -30° to 60°C
  • Alarm notifications are sent by satellite to a user accessible website
  • Rugged, weatherproof, locking NEMA-4X enclosure protects from harsh environments and vandalism
GSA Advantage

  • INCLUDED: Replaceable batteries power unit for up to three years without replacement
  • INCLUDED: GPS locator technology lets you see exactly where mobile assets are located

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