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What’s Important In Your MUNICIPAL WATER facility?

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Sensaphone provides a wide variety of solutions available for remote Water and Wastewater facilities. Products are available to perform anything from simple monitoring and alarm notification, up to data logging, control and sophisticated SCADA functionality.

Whatever level of remote monitoring and control you need, Sensaphone has a solution to keep you informed and in control 24/7.


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Sensaphone 1400

Most basic alarm dialer needs can be met with the Sensaphone Model 1400. It has four universal inputs that can monitor from any dry contact status device, or any 4-20mA analog transducer.

When using analog devices, the Model 1400 can even scale the input range so you will be measuring each condition in real engineering units. The sealed Nema-4X enclosure is well suited for outdoor environments.

Alarm notification is performed with phone calls using custom voice messages.

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2.8K Temperature Probe
Provides real time temperature sensing with programmable alarm limits.
Carbon Dioxide Sensor
Monitoring the Carbon Dioxide concentration in your livestock facility can provide an accurate status of your ventilation and overall animal health.
Detect high or low humidity inside the greenhouse.
Humidity Transmitter
Proper humidity levels are a key factor in the life of your servers. This sensor provides a real time humidity measurement so that both high and low levels can be custom programmed.
Power Out Alert
Monitor power outages by plugging the unit into any 110VAC outlet.
Smoke Detector
Detects smoke independently from the primary fire alarm system.
Magnetic Reed Switch
Used to monitor a door to a room for unauthorized entry.
Infra–Red Motion Detector
Detects movement in a specific area to monitor for unauthorized entry or intrusion. Covers approximately forty feet of area.
Carbon Monoxide Sensor
Detects the presence of Carbon Monoxide levels from 0-300ppm. The 1” x .5” LCD displays the ppm and menu parameters.
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Express II

If more than four sensor inputs are required, the Sensaphone Express II provides eight inputs to start, and the ability to expand in groups of eight up to 40. In addition to the input expansion, the Express II has a local LCD for easy access to status and programming. Up to 48 people can be notified for alarms using custom voice phone calls.

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Sensaphone 2000

The Model 2000 is a popular option when multiple remote sites need to be monitored. In addition to the typical Sensaphone alarm notification, the Model 2000 can also report all information back to a central computer and include historical trends and data logging.

Eight inputs are provided and alarms can notify up to 32 people by custom voice phone call, or even by fax or text message.

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SCADA 3000

Like the 2000, the Sensaphone SCADA 3000 is a great choice for multiple remote sites being viewed through one central computer. It also provides data logging and modular expansion on both inputs and outputs, but the real power of the 3000 is the ability to perform control.

High level decision making can be performed on the SCADA 3000 through Ladder Logic, or even structured C programming. It is capable of simple pump control, or almost any complex calculations and control decisions.

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If you need to monitor equipment in a location that is very remote, or where there are limited or no communication options, then the SAT4D is perfect. It communicates via satellite and can be used anywhere in the US with 100% coverage.

Up to four conditions can be monitored and alarm notification is delivered by voice phone calls or e-mails. The SAT4D runs without power and can operate for over five years on its internal battery.

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