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Communication Facilities, Inc. Upgrades to the Cloud to Monitor Cellular Towers

We've become a society dependent upon our cell phones and accustomed to constant communication. If our cellular service goes down, we're out of touch, unable to conduct business, and can't access our daily dose of social media, games, news and videos. That's a lot of responsibility for someone like Dave Libby, who owns and manages more than 25 cellular towers and sites throughout Maine. Libby's company, Communications Facilities, Inc., has been relying on Sensaphone remote monitoring devices to alert him to problems at his sites for more than ten years.

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Wood’s Greenhouses Prevents Plant Loss During Harsh New Jersey Winters

James Langmayer, operations manager at Wood’s Greenhouse, doesn’t miss the days before remote temperature monitoring. One day about ten years ago he arrived on a bitter cold winter morning to begin his workday to discover that a heater malfunction destroyed the inventory of an entire greenhouse. He and his team began shopping for a remote monitoring system.

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Sure Power Relies on Sensaphone Systems to Ensure Uninterruptible Power Supply for Critical Operations

Sure Power, with operations in Philadelphia and Baltimore, has been providing uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems to mission-critical operations for 22 years. The technicians at Sure Power’s UPS Rental are on call for immediate deployment in the event of a power outage, surge or interruption of any kind. They can deliver trailer-mounted UPS systems anywhere in the U.S. within two hours of receiving a call. Gene McNeil, Vice President of Critical Power Systems at UPS Rental, and his crew use Sensaphone remote monitoring systems to alert them of problems with the UPS systems.

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Pillitteri Estates Winery: Remote Monitoring Protects Delicate Grapes

When you’re responsible for the well-being of grapevines at a successful winery, the entire business is essentially in your hands. Such is the life of Jamie Slingerland, director of viticulture at Pillitteri Estates Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. In his 29 years of growing and harvesting grapes, he has logged many chilly, sleepless nights in the field protecting fruit buds and vines from the cold. But he has more to worry about than his personal comfort.

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Keystone Shipping Monitors Cargo Ships 24/7 While at Port in Lay-Up

David Deltano has been managing fleets of cargo ships for over a decade – in salt and fresh water. Based in Duluth, Minn., as a fleet manager for Keystone Shipping, Deltano is responsible for vessels while they are en route and at port.

Vessels routinely face winter lay-up January through March, as well as lay-up in shipyards for maintenance and tonnage reductions. During these times, they are largely unattended, especially on the weekends, and subject to damage from unexpected incidents like leaks, fires and power outages. A remote monitoring system safeguards the vessels, and the company recently upgraded to Sensaphone systems for additional protection and convenience.


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