Sensaphone Express II

  • Sensaphone Express II
  • INCLUDED: Internal rechargeable battery-backup system provides 12 hours of continuous monitoring and alerts in the event of  power outage
  • INCLUDED: Microphone for sound level monitoring 
  • INCLUDED: Power failure monitoring 
  • NO MONTHLY FEES: unlike other systems that require ongoing expenses



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Sensaphone Express II

Product Number: FGD-6700

The Sensaphone Express II system monitors conditions like temperature, humidity, ventilation, carbon dioxide, power failure to prevent loss of valuable plant assets. The system is ideal for larger greenhouse operations that require many monitoring points or are considering future growth because it is expandable to include up to 40 channels. The system monitors status conditions 24/7.

When the system identifies a potential problem, it works as an auto dialer that can immediately alert up to 48 people with custom phone calls. The internal rechargeable battery backup provides 12 hours of continuous monitoring and alerts in the event of a power outage. Each unit is sealed in an enclosure to protect it from moisture, dirt and chemicals commonly found in a greenhouse environment. The LCD window displays continuous status information and provides keypad programming instructions for easy setup.


  • Allows for future expansion with up to 40 total inputs and up to 16 output zones
  • Receive voice alerts and alarm notifications over standard telephone lines
  • Notifies up to 48 people by voice phone call in the event of an alarm
  • Increase monitoring capability with easy-to-install expansion input and output cards 
  • Included relay output can switch local devices on/off based on alarm activity
  • Temperature-sensing range of -85° to 300°F | -65° to 149°C
  • Record custom voice alerts and receive alarm messages in your own voice
  • Rugged, weatherproof NEMA-4X enclosure protects from harsh environments
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