Pump Station

Remotely monitor for pump operation, power failures and more in your pump station

For the last 30 years, Sensaphone auto dialers have been used in remote and local pump and lift stations to monitor for power and equipment failures. Traditional autodialers are still a good option for many locations, but Sensaphone’s product line now includes devices that can communicate via cellular, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and satellite. No matter where your lift station is located, Sensaphone devices can monitor and send alarm messages if problems arise.

Call out only devices:

A Sensaphone device can be used in many ways in lift and pump stations. Many stations that are equipped with a PLC use a Sensaphone unit as a simple call out device. The Sensaphone device is wired into the alarm contacts of the PLC, and when the PLC identifies an alarm, the unit alerts the appropriate personnel. Each alarm contact can be uniquely identified (e.g., wet well pump #1) so that personnel know exactly what the problem is before they arrive on site. If the PLC uses Modbus, the Sentinel Pro can pull sensor data directly from the PLC and remotely provide that data in real time for status updates, alarming, notification, reporting and data logging.

Independent verification

Other users prefer to use their Sensaphone device to independently verify conditions in their remote or unattended location. By using sensors to monitor for wet well levels, temperature, flow, equipment malfunction and power failure, they can check the status of their station at any time by logging into a website or calling the device. Many devices also record data, which can be used to show compliance and analyze trends.

Control and beyond

When control is required, the SCADA 3000 will monitor and control your pumps, calculate flow, record run times, produce reports and generate alarms. With its universal input support, the SCADA 3000 can monitor transducers and pulse counters, as well as environmental factors. This expandable system supports up to 144 I/O points to meet the needs of the most demanding sites.

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