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Low-Cost Satellite-Based Remote Monitoring System for Oil & Gas Wells

When oil wells are located in remote areas, it can take days or weeks for operators to discover high or low tank levels, pump malfunctions and compressor leaks. To provide instant notification of these and other incidents that cause costly downtime, Sensaphone® developed the SAT4D system. This satellite-based monitoring system delivers immediate alerts of changes in conditions at wells, refineries and storage facilities located in areas without a phone line, Ethernet connection or cellular service.

The SAT4D system can monitor virtually any critical condition 24/7, including tank floats, pump status, security, power failure and equipment malfunction. When an alarm occurs, the system sends a notification to up to eight telephone numbers and six email or text messages. The SAT4D system is self-powered and can operate for over three years on its replaceable battery. GPS locator technology pinpoints the location and status of equipment being monitored. Each unit is sealed in an enclosure to protect it from harsh conditions.

With wells shutting down every day, operators are looking for ways to get more out of their wells that are still producing,” said Dave DeFusco, vice president of engineering at Sensaphone. “The SAT4D system is an affordable way to get instant alerts of problems that can shut down production at unattended wells and can cost thousands of dollars in product loss, downtime and repairs.

Watch the video below for more information on the highlights and benefits of the cost-effective SAT4D system for the oil and gas industry.

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