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Sensaphone® Airflow Sensor Monitors Cool Air Movement in Data Centers

ASTON, Pa., July 11, 2016 – Air conditioning alone isn’t enough to keep data centers from overheating. Airflow management is critical to make sure cool air is going to the server intakes and hot air coming from servers is properly exhausted. The Sensaphone® Airflow Sensor measures the rate of airflow and alerts data center managers when conditions fall outside the ideal range.

The Sensaphone Airflow Sensor monitors the presence or absence of cool moving air and provides relative airflow as a percentage from 0 to 100. The sensor is compatible with Sensaphone’s IMS-1000 and IMS-4000 data center monitoring devices. The connection from the sensor to the host or node uses the existing network wiring infrastructure, and the sensor can be installed in another room or floor away from the host device.

Using the Sensaphone Airflow Sensor with the IMS monitoring device allows data center operators to:

  • detect the presence or absence of cool moving air;
  • track relative airflow;
  • find potential inefficiencies;
  • develop trend information to determine the need to adjust data center configuration.

“Maximizing airflow is crucial to any data center,” said Rob Fusco, technical support and service manager at Sensaphone. “An inefficient system can easily cost thousands of dollars a year in hidden electricity costs. The Sensaphone Airflow Sensor ensures that data center personnel are notified immediately of any drop in airflow, keeping your system working at its peak performance.”

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