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Refrigerator and Freezer Remote Temperature Monitoring System Improves Food Safety at Schools

ASTON, Pa., August 18, 2016 – The National School Lunch Act requires that school food authorities (SFAs) at primary and secondary schools store food in freezers and refrigerators at safe temperatures that minimize student health risks. SFAs are also responsible for monitoring these temperatures and maintaining records of data for USDA inspectors. The Sentinel™ system from Sensaphone® helps SFAs meet these requirements by providing 24/7 remote temperature monitoring and data logging of freezers and refrigerators.

When the Sentinel system detects problems such as temperature changes and power outages, it immediately sends phone, text or email alerts to school personnel so they can take fast corrective action. Because it is also a data acquisition device, the Sentinel system stores data points that verify all food and beverages remained within the critical temperature limits specified in the school’s food safety program.

 “SFAs now have a cost-effective early warning system that provides detailed data logs and trending data to demonstrate compliance,” said Robert Fusco, Sensaphone’s Technical Support and Service Manager. “They can be absolutely certain that perishable food never falls into what the FDA calls the temperature ‘danger zone,’ and they can quickly prove that their refrigerators and freezers never had fluctuations or failures that compromised food safety.”

Only one Sentinel unit is required to monitor up to 12 different environmental and equipment status conditions including temperature from -109 °F to 168 °F (-85 °C to 76 °C), humidity, water detection and power failure. No software is required, so installation, integration and management of the system are fast and easy. The standard Sentinel system is Ethernet-based, but it is also available with a cellular option where internet connectivity is unavailable.

With the Sentinel system, operators can access the status of all conditions in real-time from any device and at any time. Because it is cloud-based, the system ensures data is never lost and can be viewed via the Sensaphone iPhone/Android app or

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