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New Temperature Display Helps Healthcare Providers Comply with Vaccine Storage Regulations

ASTON, Pa., July 20, 2018 – To help healthcare providers comply with regulations for vaccine cold storage, Sensaphone® now offers a local temperature display. The device can be affixed to the door of a medical-grade refrigerator or freezer to provide an at-a-glance reading of the current temperature inside, as well as the minimum and maximum temperatures.

This device is ideal for physician offices and clinics that participate in programs such as the CDC's Vaccines for Children (VFC), which require them to clearly display the current temperature on the outside of refrigerators used to store vaccines. The VFC program also requires the refrigerators to be equipped with continuous temperature monitoring devices that log high and low temperatures.

The local temperature display is paired with a NIST-calibrated probe buffered in a bottle filled with either glycol or glass beads. The display can also be used at any location where on-site staff need a quick, convenient visual reading of the sensor, saving them the time of checking the monitoring system's data logs. It logs and displays the highest and lowest temperatures, provides an audible alarm for out-of-range temperatures, and offers a relay output that can be programmed to turn on a light or siren for additional on-site alarm notifications. The device's alarm is in addition to the alerts that the Sensaphone monitoring system sends to designated personnel when temperatures fall out of range. The device includes a plug-in power supply that enables internal batteries to keep the unit operating in the event of a power failure.

Sensphone's temperature sensors buffered in glycol- or glass-bead-filled bottles ensure that readings represent the temperature of the refrigerator’s contents rather than the ambient air temperature. Both types are traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards.

Learn more about Sensaphone's local temperature display.

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