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New Wireless Temperature Sensor with RTD Probe for Monitoring Liquid Nitrogen Tanks Helps to Ensure the Safety of Sensitive Biological Materials

ASTON, Pa., November 7, 2019 – Maintaining a stable ultra-low temperature in liquid nitrogen tanks is vital to the cryopreservation of sensitive cells, tissues and other biologic materials. To help professionals at in vitro fertility clinics, research laboratories and other medical facilities ensure the safe storage of these irreplaceable samples, Sensaphone introduces a Wireless Temperature Sensor with Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) Probe.

This sensor is used exclusively with Sensaphone’s WSG30 monitoring system to measure extreme air temperature in applications where traditional sensors will fail. 

Air temperature warmer than -140 °C above the liquid nitrogen typically indicates that it has evaporated to a level that will no longer keep the contents of the tank cold enough to preserve critical biologic material. The wireless temperature sensor with RTD probe measures temperatures from -200 °C to 120 °C  (-328 °F to 248 °F). When the temperature falls outside of the programmed high or low limit, the WSG30 system instantly sends alerts to up to 32 people by email or text message so they can take fast corrective action.

The sensor is available with a 1-inch or a 14-inch RTD probe. The 1-inch probe is recommended to be installed just below or inside the tank’s cap so that the sensor cabling is not exposed to the cold atmosphere. The wireless sensor can be placed up to 300 feet away from the WSG30 unit or farther if multiple sensors are used to create a mesh network.

The sensor probes come with ten feet of wire and two AA lithium batteries, which will power them for up to two years. An optional plug-in power supply is also available, in which case the batteries then become a backup if the main AC power fails.

The WSG30 system is a web-based monitoring system that uses wireless sensors to detect changes in environmental and equipment conditions. It is ideal for locations where hardwiring sensors is difficult or cost-prohibitive. A single WSG30 unit can support up to 30 wireless sensors. 

Users of the WSG30 system can make programming changes, access status conditions and review data logs online. The system can log up to 67,000 records, making it easy to demonstrate regulatory compliance and identify trends that might indicate a potential equipment problem.

Learn more at Sensaphone’s Wireless Temperature Sensor with RTD Probe and WSG30 Monitoring System information pages.

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