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Sensaphone COVID-19 Information and Resources

SENSAPHONE is open and fully operational, and has been deemed an essential business in PA.

During these unprecedented times, Sensaphone remains committed to helping stop the spread of COVID-19.  The health and well-being of our employees, customers, suppliers and partners are of the utmost importance right now, and we have taken aggressive measures to ensure everyone we work with stays healthy and protected as possible.

Sensaphone products are used in countless hospitals and clinics to monitor blood, vaccines, tissue samples, and medicines to ensure that they are safe to use when needed.  Sensaphone products are also used to monitor the nation's water treatment facilities, numerous chicken and pig farms throughout the country, critical infrastructure, government institutions and much more. It is imperative that our services stay up and running and that our customers receive the support they need especially during these critical times.  

The majority of our sales and technical support employees have been encouraged to work from home, and they are ready and available to assist you. Our production and shipping departments are still actively working in our Aston, PA facility while adhering to strict guidelines provided by the CDC to ensure their safety.  We do not have any supply disruptions since all of Sensaphone’s products are designed, engineered, manufactured and supported in Aston, PA.  Sensaphone has been preparing for the effects of COVID-19 for weeks now, so we have ample inventory available and ready to be shipped to you at a moment’s notice. 

Our sales and technical support team can be reached Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM EDT at 877-373-2700. You can also email them at or

We’ve highlighted some links the healthcare industry may find useful at this time. 

Download our eBook about how to Monitor Temperatures in Medical Refrigerators and Freezers:

Download our ePoster about how to monitor medical refrigerators and freezers:

Watch our video to discover how a digital data logger can help you:

  • Maintain required vaccine temperatures
  • Automatically record minimum and maximum daily temperatures
  • Store temperature data in the cloud
  • Get calls or texts when temperatures go out of range

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