2.8K Type Temperature Sensor Display

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Add a local display to any 2.8k Type Temperature Sensor

The Local Temperature Display can be used with all Sensaphone 2.8k type temperature sensors. This provides an at-a-glance reading of the current temperature as well as the minimum and maximum temperatures. The display is ideal for any location where onsite staff need a quick, convenient visual reading of the sensor, saving them the time of checking the monitoring system's data.

The Local Temperature Display also:

  • Logs and displays the highest and lowest temperatures
  • Provides an audible alarm for out-of-range temperatures
  • Offers a relay output that can be programmed to turn on a light or siren for additional onsite alarm notifications.

When the temperature falls out of the programmed high and low limits, the display triggers an audible alarm, immediately alerting onsite staff of a potential problem. This alarm is in addition to the alerts that the Sensaphone monitoring system sends to designated personnel when temperatures fall out of range.

The temperature sensor display is easy to program by using the four buttons on the front. It connects to the sensor and to most Sensaphone monitoring devices via screw terminals on the bottom. The display comes with a battery that powers it for up to one year, but you can also use an optional external power supply.

For Sensaphone's VFC specific display, please click here.

  • Connects to any Sensaphone 2.8k type temperature sensor to provide a local temperature reading
  • Battery powered for up to one year
  • Logs and displays high and low temperature
  • Audible alarm
  • Relay output can be programmed to turn on light or siren
  • Optional power supply available

* Select all required configurable options to continue:

  • The power supply is recommended for users who would like to use the display without having to periodically change the battery.
  • The display requires an external sensor to operate. Choose from a sensor below to use with the display or none if you are already have a compatible sensor.
  • Product Number: FGD-0120

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