3G/4G/LTE External Antenna

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Increase cellular signal strength

This external antenna provides improved wireless performance for Sensaphone monitoring cellular devices. The included 5m cable allows the antenna to be mounted away from the Sensaphone. A wall/mast mount bracket is standard but it can also be mounted on
metal panels or enclosures of suffi cient size. Mount the antenna 6’ or more from the Sensaphone enclosure for best performance.

The antenna is supplied with a convenient adhesive pad and an integrated 5m low loss cable run, the antenna is cost effective to install and adaptable to any install environment.

  • Provides improved wireless performance for Sensaphone Cellular devices
  • Allows the Sensaphone to be placed into a metal cabinet or other location where cellular reception may not be best
  • Comes standard on Sentinel Cellular devices
  • Should be mounted 6' away from Sensaphone for best performance

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  • Product Number: FGD-0261

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