IMS-4000 Receiver Node For Wireless Sensors

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  • IMS-4000 Receiver Node For Wireless Sensors

Add wireless sensors to your IMS-4000 system

The IMS-4000 Receiver Node for Wireless Sensors extends the environmental monitoring capability of your IMS-4000 system. The Receiver Node can work with up to 8 wireless sensors. The unit wirelessly communicates with the sensors, and then transmits their status back to your IMS-4000 host via an Ethernet connection. Wireless sensors are available to monitor:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Water on the floor
  • Power
  • Dry contacts
  • 4-20mA signals

The system uses mesh networking technology to create multiple communication paths between the sensors and the receiver, ensuring reliable communication across all wireless control devices. A battery-powered option is also available for installations where there is no outlet.

A LCD (liquid crystal display) shows the status of all sensors. The unit includes a plug-in adapter and a 6V 1.3 AH rechargeable backup battery located inside the enclosure. Circuitry in the unit ensures precise charging of the battery system.

The unit comes in a rugged plastic enclosure with tabs for wall mounting. Connections for an antenna, power supply, and Ethernet are easily accessible from the top and bottom of the unit.

  • Communicates with up to 8 wireless sensors
  • Monitors its own power supply and battery
  • 80 character lighted LCD
  • Built-in rechargeable battery backup
  • Rugged plastic enclosure

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