IMS-4000 Receiver Node For Wireless Sensors

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  • IMS-4000 Receiver Node For Wireless Sensors

Add wireless sensors to your IMS-4000 system

The IMS-4000 Receiver Node for Wireless Sensors extends the environmental monitoring capability of your IMS-4000 system by implementing Wireless Sensor technology. The Receiver Node can work with up to 8 wireless sensors. The unit will wirelessly communicate with the sensors, then transmit their status back to your IMS-4000 host via its Ethernet connection. Wireless sensors are available to monitor Temperature, Humidity, Water on the Floor, Power, Dry Contacts, and 4-20mA signals. The sensors use mesh networking technology to create multiple communication paths between the sensors and the Receiver Node to ensure reliable communications. Sensors can also be battery powered for those installations where an outlet may not be available. A LCD is provided to show the status of all wireless sensors. The unit is powered by a plug-in adapter and has a 6V 1.3 AH rechargeable backup battery located inside the enclosure. Circuitry in the unit will maintain precise charging of the battery system.
The unit comes in a rugged plastic enclosure with tabs for wall mounting. Connections for an antenna, power supply, and Ethernet are easily accessible from the top and bottom of the unit.

  • Communicates with up to 8 Wireless Sensors
  • Monitors its own power supply and battery
  • 80 Character lighted LCD
  • Built-in rechargeable battery backup
  • Rugged plastic enclosure

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