Multi-Point Wireless I/O Accessory

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  • Sensaphone FGD-0205 Multi-Point Wireless I/O

Long range connection

The multi-point wireless I/O system is ideal for connecting dry contacts and/or a 4-20mA transducer to a Sensaphone that is too far (or too expensive) to run cable. The system will replicate these sensors up to a distance of 600’ indoors or up to 4 miles line of site (flat terrain, raised antennas). The system includes a matched 1 Watt 900MHz transmitter and receiver. Two 24V power supplies and omni-directional antennas are included.

  • Wirelessly connect a dry contact or 4-20mA sensor to a Sensaphone
  • Replicates sensor signal up to 600' away
  • Includes transmitter, receiver, antennas and two power supplies

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  • Product Number: FGD-0205

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