RTD Probe with 4-20mA Transmitter

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  • Sensaphone RTD Probe with 4-20mA Transmitter

Measure extreme temperatures

The RTD probe with 4-20mA transmitter can be used to measure the temperature in extreme  environments. The standard transmitter is calibrated to operate over the range  -200° to 35°C, but can be customized at time of order to operate over any range between -200° and 204°C. Two temperature sensing probes are available. The 14" probe is useful for applications such as monitoring liquid nitrogen, where the sensor cabling cannot be exposed to the cold atmosphere. The sensor will need a 24VDC power supply to operate (Part # FGD-0070)

  • Used to monitor temperatures as low as -200°C.
  • Can be custom calibrated to temperatures between -200° to 204°C
  • Two temperature probe options available; 14" or 1"
  • Requires 24VDC power supply

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  • The sensor comes with a factory set temperature range from -200 to 35C, but can be calibrated over any range between -200 and 200C.
  • The 14" probe is recommended for applications where the monitored temperature is below -80C. The probe can be inserted into the ultra low environment leaving the wire at room temperature. The wiring becomes brittle and is susceptible to cracking at ultra low temperatures.

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