SCADA 3000 Analog Output Module

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  • Sensaphone FGD-3050 SCADA 3000 Analog Output Module

Expand the capabilities of your SCADA 3000

The Analog Output Module features four analog output signals that can be configured as 4-20mA, 0-20mA, or 0-10V. The outputs can control equipment, drive digital displays, or provide information to other computer devices. Individual outputs can each drive up to 1000 Ohms. They may be controlled automatically via a ladder or C-program. In addition, an integrated microprocessor watchdog circuit maintains system reliability. LED indicators show system power and module operation via a blinking pulse LED.

  • Offers four more analog output channels
  • Outputs have 12 bits of resolution
  • Configured as 4–20mA, 0–20mA, or 0–10V
  • Commonly used for PID applications (looped information used to maintain conditions)

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  • Product Number: FGD-3050

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