SCADA 3000 Pulse Count Module

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  • Sensaphone FGD-3020 SCADA 3000 Pulse Count Module

Count pulses at a rate of up to 10,000 pulses per second (10KHz)

The Pulse Count Module features four totalizing pulse-count channels and four virtual channels programmable to calculate various rates or display count overflow. The four pulse-count channels are capable of counting up to 10,000 pulses per second (10KHz). Each channel will totalize pulses up to one million and then reset to zero. The four virtual channels can be programmed to calculate the pulse as either pulses per second, minute, or hour.

  • Counts contact closures from a dry circuit at a rate of up to 10,800 pulses per second
  • Four pulse count channels per module
  • The pulse rate for each channel will be computed on a per second, per minute, or per hour basis
  • The most common uses for a pulse count module include flow rates and rpms

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  • Product Number: FGD-3020

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