Sensaphone SAT4D Monitoring System

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Product Number: FGD-SAT4D

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Sensaphone SAT4D Monitoring System

Owners of even the most distant facilities now have a solution for their remote monitoring needs. The SAT4D uses the Globalstar constellation of 40 Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites which pick up signals from over 80% of the Earth’s surface. This includes 100% coverage of the contiguous United States and most of Alaska. The SAT4D is a completely self-contained, self- powered device, and includes GPS technology to identify its location. You can even check the status and review alarm history on the Sensaphone SAT4D website.

Capabilities: The unit has four dry contact inputs which can be configured for Normally Open or Normally Closed operation with four selectable alarm recognition times. When an alarm condition occurs, the SAT4D can contact up to 8 people using voice technology and can also send up to six e-mail or text messages.

Features: The SAT4D will send a status report twice a day to the website which includes the status of its four inputs and its location. On the website you can monitor the status of one or more units and view the exact location of your device using map technology provided by Google.

Alerts: Users have the ability to program up to eight telephone alarm messages and send six e-mail or text message alerts.

Includes: The system includes a lockable, weatherproof, fiberglass enclosure that provides resistance to harsh, damp, or corrosive conditions.