Sensaphone Web600 Monitoring System

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Product Number: FGD-W600, FGD-W600-INT

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Sensaphone Web600 Monitoring System

The Sensaphone WEB600 Monitoring System is designed to be an easy, cost effective, network based monitoring system to notify you when equipment or conditions go awry.The system can monitor temperatures ranging from -109 to 168F as well as humidity, air quality, water detection, and more. The WEB600 website allows system users to make programming changes, access status conditions, and review data logs online through any web-enabled PC.

Capabilities: The unit can read status from six digital or analog sensors including on/off status, open/closed conditions, actual temperatures, and real-time values such as tank levels, air pressure, voltage or flow rates. The system has a temperature sensing range of -109 to 168F making it the ideal solution for food storage, medical storage, and other temperature-sensitive areas.

Features: Advanced data logging records up to 100,000 samples including data, date, and time. An included relay output capable of low-voltage switching can trigger lights, sirens, or other devices when required. System LEDs keep users aware of alarm status, power status, and Ethernet connection strength.

Alerts: In the event of an alarm, the system can notify as many as eight people by e-mail, text message or SNMP trap. The device allows 8 profiles with 4 contacts per profile.

Includes: This system includes a plug-in power supply that monitors for power failure and has an available battery backup with two hours of run time to ensure reliable operation during a power outage.

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