WSG Wireless Temperature Sensor w/ External Probe

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Monitor temperatures inside a refrigerator, freezer or other harsh environment

WSG Wireless Temperature Sensors with External Probes are designed to work exclusively with the Sensaphone WSG30. This sensor circuitry includes a built-in radio transmitter. The sensors attach to a remote temperature probe so that temperature measurements can be made in a refrigerator, freezer or other harsh environments. The sensor is available in two temperature ranges; -20° to 115°F or -121° to 115°F. It comes with two AA alkaline batteries which will power the sensor for up to two years. An optional plug-in power supply is also available in which case the batteries become a backup if the main AC power fails.

  • The sensor's external temperature probe can be installed in a refrigerator, freezer or other harsh environment, while the sensor circuitry remains in a clean dry environment
  • Choose between two temperature ranges; -20° to 115°F or -121° to 115°F
  • Accurate to ± 1°F |  ± .56°C
  • Includes two AA batteries
  • Optional power supply available

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  • A NIST traceable certificate gives an indicator of how close the temperature sensor's reading is to the internationally recognized standard maintained by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
  • Choose between two temperature ranges.

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