WSG Wireless Temperature Sensor with RTD Probe

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Measure Extreme Temperatures

The Wireless Temperature Sensor with RTD Probe is used exclusively with the WSG30 system. It measures extreme air temperature in applications where traditional sensors will fail. The sensor is available with two different sized temperature sensing probes: 1" or 14". The 14” probe is recommended for applications where the sensor cabling cannot be exposed to the cold atmosphere such as monitoring liquid nitrogen. Both probes come with 10’ of wire.

When the temperature falls outside of the WSG30 system’s programmed high or low limit, the user will receive an alarm via text message or email. The sensor includes two AA lithium batteries which will power the sensor for up to two years. An optional plug-in power supply is also available, so the batteries serve as a backup if the main AC power fails. The wireless sensor can be placed up to 300’ away from the WSG30 or further if multiple sensors are used to create a mesh network.

Measures temperature from -328° to 248°F | -200° to 120°C
Two size probes to choose from: 1" or 14"
Probes include 10' of wire
Communicates wirelessly with WSG30 base unit up to 300’ away
Includes two AA batteries
Optional power supply available

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  • The wire connecting the probe to the sensor cannot be subject to extreme temperatures. Please use the 14" probe for applications where the wire would otherwise be subject to extreme temperatures.

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