WSG Wireless Ultra Low Temperature Sensor w/ External Probe

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  • WSG Wireless Ultra Low Temperture Sensor w/ Eternal Probe

Monitor temperatures as low as -85°C

The WSG Wireless Ultra Low Temperature sensor with External Probe is designed to work exclusively with the Sensaphone WSG30. This sensor includes a built-in radio transmitter and a remote temperature probe so that temperature measurements can be made in a refrigerator, freezer or other harsh environments. The sensor is avaialbe with an optional glass bead vial which helps to prevent false tempearture readings when a refrigerator or freezer door is opened or goes into a defrost cycle. The sensor comes with two AA alkaline batteries which will power the sensor for up to two years. An optional plug-in power supply is also available in which case the batteries become a backup if main AC power fails.

  • Temperature element for monitoring temperature wherever the device is installed
  • Optional glass bead vial will buffer any momentary fluctuations that may cause a preliminary alarm dial out, such as defrost cycles, opening of doors, and fans circulating air
  • Measures temperatures from -121° to 115°F

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