Vaccine Monitoring System

Vaccine monitoring system

The CDC requires medical institutions and offices to practice safe handling, storage and recordkeeping for various drugs and vaccines within their facilities. This is especially important for the COVID-19 (coronavirus) vaccine that requires ultra-cold vaccine storage. Vaccine potency can decrease dramatically within minutes of being left out in unsafe temperature ranges. Once the potency of a vaccine is lost, it cannot be restored, and it becomes useless.

Some vaccines show visible signs of being exposed to an unacceptable temperature range, such as clumping or a cloudy discoloration. Others may show no signs. The CDC strongly recommends that visual appearance is not a reliable indicator that vaccines were stored properly. Patients who receive vaccines that are less potent or inactive due to unsuitable storage conditions run the risk of not being fully protected from a preventable disease. Not only is this a risk that can be prevented, but the patient may also lose confidence in the vaccination program altogether.

Verify VFC compliance

The CDC Vaccines for Children (VFC) program recently made its vaccine storage requirements more stringent. To ensure vaccines are constantly stored at the correct temperatures, the CDC now requires all of your monitoring devices to be a digital data logger like the Sensaphone Sentinel. This is a device that communicates with sensors and keeps a record of all temperature data so you can download it at any time to prove VFC compliance. These systems can be customized to your medical facility’s specific requirements. We recommend pairing the Sentinel with the local temperature display to fully meet the requirements for vaccine storage compliance.

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Save the expense

Vaccines are costly. Ultimately, your practice will be responsible for the thousands of dollars in losses if the log files and inventory are not properly recorded and documented. Human error will occur if a vaccine refrigerator or freezer is left unmonitored. Perhaps the staff was too busy to record log files or accidentally left a door ajar and was unaware of the temperature excursion when it was closed. The integrity of the vaccines may have been compromised, and your state health inspector may require the disposal of all the vaccines that cannot be proven compliant under the CDC safe practice and handling procedure.

Monitoring, alarming and data logging

Sensaphone has several solutions for the medical market. Whether it be a blood bank, laboratory, hospital or pediatrics office, a Sensaphone monitoring system is the best choice to protect your inventory 24/7. Not only will a Sensaphone system notify you when a temperature excursion threatens your medical inventory, but it also logs the temperatures to show you were in compliance. A proper Sensaphone system can cover all aspects of your compliance needs such as continuous data logging, alarm logs, audit trails and reports.

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