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  • Humidistat Humidity Switch

Detect high or low humidity

The Humidistat Humidity Switch is a hard-wired humidity sensor that can be used with all Sensaphone models to detect high or low humidity levels. Users set a high or low alarm limit by adjusting the dial on the front of the sensor. When that limit is exceeded, the device will trip an alarm to the Sensaphone.

Made from high impact white plastic, a nylon sensing element provides long life and accurate humidity control. The sensor has a range of 10% to 80% relative humidity. Multiple sensors may be wired to a single input. The humidistat switch can be installed in any location, home or office, and will work accurately for many years.

  • Monitors humidity ranges from 10% to 80%
  • Alarm values are set on the sensor
  • Sensor provides simple alarm or no alarm status to Sensaphone
  • Receive alerts from your Sensaphone when the status changes

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  • Product Number: FGD-0027

GSA Advantage