Remote Monitoring And Control Systems

Case StudyBarlow Scientific

Imagine investing years of time, energy and brainwork in medical research, only to have it ruined because the lab's freezer lost power and its content were destroyed. Lab managers who are responsible for the viability of research samples can't leave storing them to chance. Learn how Barlow Scientific uses the remote temperature monitoring capabilities of the WSG30 to provide peace of mind to their customers.

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Visit our YouTube channel! Learn how a Sensaphone device monitors, alerts and controls room temperature sensing equipment, humidity, and other environmental conditions.

Celebrate with us30th anniversary

Sensaphone is celebrating its 30th year as a leading provider of remote monitoring devices and we're not above embarrassing ourselves with photos from our youth either. Check back for photos of our old products, advertising, employees and whatever else we can dig up!

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Water Treatment Facility - monitoring tank levels, power failure, turbidity, flow rates and more.

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