Remote Monitoring for Environmental Remediation

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Remote monitoring systems alert you to equipment issues that threaten your unattended sites

Sensaphone has been monitoring and controlling remediation sites for over 20 years. Remediation is the process of treating contaminates or pollutants within groundwater, surface water, soil or sediment. They are treated or extracted to protect human health and the environment. State or Local regulators will fine remediation operators if their site becomes non-operational for a period of time during an unplanned shutdown.

Notifications of critical equipment shutdowns

A Sensaphone remote monitoring system can keep you informed of critical equipment shutdowns that may affect the operation of your remediation site. The system will notify you immediately of problems with equipment such as:

  • Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) Equipment
  • Groundwater Treatment Equipment
  • Leachate Systems
  • Landfill Gas systems
  • VOC Monitors
  • Air Sparge Compressor
  • Vacuum Blower
  • Air Strippers
  • Power Failure
  • Generators

Easy Data Logging and Reporting to Demonstrate Compliance

In addition to providing remote monitoring of remediation systems, Sensaphone units can automatically log the data required for your monthly reports. It's fast and easy to data log and send reports to the state or locality overseeing the remediation site. Data can include:

  • Blower Runtimes
  • Pilot & Flare Temperatures
  • Liquid or Air Flow Totals
  • Shutdown and Startup events (MASSDEP compliant systems are available)
  • VOC levels

Monitoring a remediation system does not have to be expensive or complex. A Sensaphone monitoring system is your first responder to an unplanned and unexpected shutdown at a remote remediation site.  

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