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From the Blog:The Importance of Monitoring Pharmaceutical R&D

Proper storage of pharmaceuticals from research and development through dispensing is crucial to ensure that the products remain safe and effective. Temperature and humidity can have drastic effects on drugs and their ingredients. If stored at the wrong temperatures for even a short period of time, they can become ineffective, lose potency or even become harmful to patients.

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Learn MoreCold Storage Temperature Monitoring

Sensaphone devices provide cold storage temperature monitoring for unattended commercial food freezers and refrigerators. The systems detect problems such as temperature changes, humidity fluctuations, water leaks, power failure, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide levels and smoke.

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Free e-Book5 Environmental Threats to Greenhouses

Unexpected events like power outages, falling temperatures, and equipment failures threaten greenhouse operations. Users can control and sense changes in environmental conditions and equipment failure that can save thousands of dollars in inventory, time and productivity. Download our free eBook to learn more.

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Water Treatment Facility - monitoring tank levels, power failure, turbidity, flow rates and more.

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