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From the Blog:3 Ways to Prevent Breaking the Cold Chain

If critical vaccines and other pharmaceuticals are stored at an unsafe temperature for too long, they can lose their potency. For patients with chronic illnesses, taking a damaged dosage can be life-threatening. That's why pharmaceutical and vaccine providers must take appropriate measures to ensure all pharmaceutical products are stored at the correct temperature.

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Learn MoreCold Storage Temperature Monitoring

Sensaphone devices provide cold storage temperature monitoring for unattended commercial food freezers and refrigerators. The systems detect problems such as temperature changes, humidity fluctuations, water leaks, power failure, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide levels and smoke.

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Free e-BookTemperature Monitoring Toolkit Ensures Safety

Medical vaccines, tissue samples and other frozen/refrigerated inventory need to be protected from temperature fluctuations. Otherwise, research results and patient health can be compromised and your organization held accountable.

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Water Treatment Facility - monitoring tank levels, power failure, turbidity, flow rates and more.

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