Sensaphone Environmental Monitoring Systems

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Company Overview

Since 1985, Sensaphone® has designed and built its full line of innovative remote environmental monitoring systems and early detection products in Aston, Pennsylvania that quickly and effectively provide alerts to problems at your facilities. Over 400,000 systems are in use today around the world with the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry.

Why choose Sensaphone?

  • No monthly fees on most products, unlike typical security systems that require ongoing expenses
  • Reads real sensor values for temperature, humidity, water, etc., not simple "on/off" switches
  • Includes battery backup so your system continues to work when the power goes out
  • Custom notifications instantly alert you via phone, e-mail, text message, fax, or SNMP
  • Communicates using phone lines, Ethernet, cellular, or satellite
  • Remote access to critical information and to make changes quickly and easily
  • Direct communications on most products, no dependency on computers, servers, or a central service
  • Diverse applications, from data centers to pharmaceuticals to oil and natural gas wells
  • Simple setup and programming, no complicated codes or commands
  • All products are manufactured, serviced, and supported in the United States

To view Sensaphone's policy on Conflict Minerals, please click here

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