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Remote Monitoring Systems Save Wisconsin Schools From Chilling Disasters

Winters in Wisconsin can be brutal. Famous for its harsh weather and snowy climate, Wisconsin’s winter temperatures often plummet to 40 degrees below zero. The need for a dependable heating system is critical. Bruce Frasier knows this better than anyone. As a co-owner of Frasier Plumbing & Heating in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, he provides heating, plumbing and replacement services for residents in the frigid, sometimes snowbound region—including the Rhinelander School District.

The Challenge – Reliable Remote Monitoring

The school district had been under contract with a remote monitoring service provider to watch their buildings. However, the service was so poor and the provider so inept and unreliable that the district decided to find a more effective partner. They turned to Frasier Plumbing and Heating, who maintained many of the very systems they wanted to make secure.

The Rhinelander School District comprises thirteen separate buildings and needed an advanced remote monitoring system that would provide reliability and reassurance. The oft-vacant buildings primarily required monitoring for temperature-related problems such as heating system failures. Additionally, the district needed to monitor the status of mechanical systems, circulating pumps, and walk-in coolers within the facilities, as well as local condition hazards such as flooding in equipment rooms or power failures. 

The Solution – Efficiency and Reliability

Once the school district had submitted a proposal to Frasier and the two sides came to an agreement, the company delivered the solution to the school’s dilemma: Sensaphone remote monitoring systems.

Frasier had first come into contact with Sensaphone products while on a job with the Rhinelander Telephone Company. The phone company was utilizing Sensaphone systems to monitor locations. Frasier was impressed by the system’s efficiency, and the telephone company’s resounding endorsement of the Sensaphone system confirmed their impression.

For the school district, Bruce Frasier decided to contact the Aston, PA-based manufacturer of Sensaphone systems directly. He told them what the district needed, and the company proved more than accommodating. They worked out an agreement where Frasier could purchase Sensaphone products and then resell them to his customers. Frasier went to work with the school district immediately. Robert Steger, a seasoned lead technician with Frasier’s, installed and programmed a total of 13 systems at the district’s various sites.

The Benefits – Remote Monitoring Across a Wide Array of Requirements

The Sensaphone systems could easily manage all of the school’s remote monitoring. The Sensaphone system could be configured to monitor any number of conditions that the school district required. Monitored conditions include fire, water incursion, security breach, temperature variation, and power failure.

Upon installation, the Sensaphone Express II monitored and protected the buildings and reported valuable information back to the district headquarters. The system was designed to call one or more telephone numbers if a problem occurred. When the system made its calls, it would tell the listener about the problem in the listener’s own words, which was an added comfort.

Sensaphone solutions provided the school district with a wide range of temperature sensing, from -85 degrees Fahrenheit to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Sensaphone products offer many standard features including sophisticated touch-tone programming capabilities, alarm-specific dialing, and up to 48 user-programmable dial-out numbers. Its digital speech recording ability allowed the school district to record custom real-voice ID and input messages.

Sensaphone’s rechargeable battery backup and securely enclosed fiberglass housing embodied the system’s quality and durability. The products also provided expansion options that allow for customization of the system as the school district’s needs grow.

The Sensaphone units also provided service for the school district’s smaller sites and applications. Integrating a keypad and built-in microphone, these systems offered dependable monitoring to track environmental conditions.  With these systems, the district could exercise its own options, choosing a touch-tone or pulse-dialing system.  The desktop design and user-friendly installation made the Sensaphone products a convenient, helpful and very affordable addition. With all the systems installed, the Rhinelander School District placed itself confidently in the safekeeping of Sensaphone.

Sensaphone – Proven Results

“They continue to be impressed with the reliability and lack of repair maintenance. Their expectations have been met,” said Frasier. “One school administrator said Sensaphone was one of the best investments the school has ever made.”

The school’s Sensaphone installations tested successfully under emergency situations. Since installation, the Sensaphone systems have detected several potential disasters. Due to the systems’ efficiency, they have helped to avert flooding, mechanical failures, and other environmental and mechanical problems. 

Operations at the school districts have remained steady since Frasier’s installation of the Sensaphone systems. Bruce Frasier should know best since he is linked to the district’s Sensaphone systems. When a problem at the school occurs, Frasier’s business office, plus select Frasier Heating and Plumbing personnel, are among those notified by the system. The Sensaphone systems deliver vastly better performance than the school district’s former remote monitoring service. Sensaphone has alleviated the headaches and hardships their predecessors caused.

Frasier’s client base soon grew to include approximately thirty absentee homeowners in residential areas. These homeowners used Sensaphone systems to monitor temperature, smoke, security and fire conditions. These residents leave the area to avoid the harsh winters, and they chose the Sensaphone systems to monitor their homes remotely. Frasier’s relationship with Sensaphone continues to flourish. He looks forward to future undertakings with Sensaphone and their quality products. “It was a very good experience. It is very gratifying working with Sensaphone,” he concluded.

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