Monitor Physical Security

Monitor physical security in your data center

Protecting your data is always a critical concern. Most data center managers put into place many measures to preserve system security, but many are not protected against security breaches that can occur if an unauthorized person gains entry to the room after hours.

Everything about your company is housed on your servers. A breach of security could cause you to lose vital data, including proprietary information. Whether it is through an unauthorized or forced entry or an accidental offense by someone on your staff, if not monitored 24/7, your servers are at risk.

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Sensaphone’s IMS data center monitoring systems can perform physical security functions. For example, you can add sensors to the entrance doors and the doors to the individual server cabinets. To avoid receiving constant alerts on busy days, you can configure the monitoring system to alert you only after hours and on weekends.

You can also install passive infrared (PIR) sensor motion detectors inside and outside equipment rooms. They can interface with third-party IP cameras and the IMS system. That way you can always get a first-hand look at the data center environment.

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