• IMS-4000E
  • INCLUDED: Internal rechargeable battery-backup system provides 3.5 hours of continuous monitoring and alerts in the event of power outage
  • INCLUDED: Power failure monitoring 
  • NO MONTHLY FEES: unlike other systems that require ongoing expenses


Product Number: IMS-4001

The Sensaphone IMS-4000E series of remote systems simultaneously monitor network devices and the data center environment to safeguard continuous performance and avoid costly downtime. The IMS-4000E system is designed for monitoring multiple locations by adding Node devices. The Host and Nodes each support up to eight environmental sensors to monitor critical conditions including temperature, humidity, smoke, sound level, motion, water leaks, intrusion and power outages. They also monitor up to 64 devices with IP addresses, such as network links, routers, printers and servers. When the systems identify a potential problem, they immediately send alerts through Ethernet and telephone connections.

  • Ethernet-based device management for server rooms, data centers, and IP devices
  • Web based or PC-based ConsoleView management software lets users view status, make changes, datalog and review history
  • Receive voice alerts and alarm notifications through standard Ethernet/telephone connections
  • Program customizable voice alerts, e-mails, and text-message notifications
  • Connect up to 31 expansion nodes to monitor additional inputs across LANs and WANs
  • Included relay output can switch local devices on/off based on alarm activity
  • Internal microphone and external microphone jack monitor for audible alarms
  • Plug-and-Play sensors make network setup and expansion easy
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