Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring

Temperature and humidity loggers and recorders

Monitoring refrigerator temperature doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Whether you have a household, consumer-grade unit or a pharmaceutical-grade refrigerator, Sensaphone has the solution you need. Our systems notify you of any temperature changes or power failures. They also track temperature history and provide detailed data logs.

Refrigerator temperature monitoring system

It doesn’t take long for drastic changes in temperature to negatively impact your cold storage. By providing 24/7 temperature monitoring, a Sensaphone system offers peace of mind that stored vaccines or medical samples are safe and effective. If the temperature goes beyond the user-programmed limits, an alarm will be sent via phone, e-mail or text message.  

The deviation will also be logged in the history. The devices can record data at set intervals and can be set to log more frequently during alarm states. Using the system's data logging capabilities, you can detect trends in environmental and equipment conditions.  

For monitoring temperatures inside a refrigerator, Sensaphone recommends using the 2.8K type temperature sensor in a glass bead vial. The glass bead filled vial will buffer any momentary fluctuations that may cause a preliminary alarm dial out, such as defrost cycles, the opening of doors, and fans circulating air. The glass beads will slow the response time of the sensor, allowing normal daily operations to occur without alarms.

Equipment and power failure monitoring

In addition to monitoring temperature, Sensaphone devices can alert personnel before temperatures start to go out of range. This feature allows facilities to act quickly and prevent costly damage. Devices can be wired to the alarm panel of many pharmaceutical-grade units. The refrigerator will trip an alarm if it diagnoses a problem internally. Then, the Sensaphone system will notify designated personnel via phone call, e-mail or text message. The Sensaphone will also monitor for power failure wherever the device is plugged in.

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