Remote Monitoring System for Water & Wastewater Treatment Facilities

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Remote monitoring systems alert you to equipment issues that threaten your unattended sites

Since 1985, Sensaphone has provided remote monitoring, early warning systems and auto dialers. Our newest systems, like the Sentinel, offer data logging capabilities and unlimited storage. These products gather data and push it to the cloud for alarming and reporting. 

You can remotely monitor the status of multiple water and wastewater treatment locations through Sensaphone’s website or iPhone/Android app. Manage multiple devices from one login and quickly and easily:

  • Access trending reports
  • Check specific equipment status
  • Review alarm history

Cellular and low-cost satellite options are available for remote sites without phone lines, broadband or cellular service.

Integrating Remote Monitoring Systems into Modern, Wastewater Processing Facilities

Receive immediate notifications of threats to your facility.

Sensaphone remote monitoring system products are a low-cost way to monitor critical conditions at unattended pump stations, wells and tank farms. Receive immediate notification of any environmental or equipment changes, including:

  • Power failures
  • Pump status
  • Tank level
  • Changes in pressure
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Flow rate
  • Motor torque
  • Security breaches 

The units integrate seamlessly into floats, pump alarm outputs, level transducers and other equipment.

Sensaphone systems operate 24/7, providing an extra layer of protection for remote sites. They instantly notify you of any readings outside of your preset parameters and potential threats to your pumps and systems. Early notification enables you to take fast, preventive action. Avoid significant disruption to operations, equipment and property damage, and workplace contamination. You minimize the costs of downtime, maintenance, cleanup and fines.

Application Examples

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