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Sensaphone Introduces 8-Channel Remote Monitor & Alarm Notification System, Sensaphone 1800 protects pharmaceutical production facilities with environmental monitoring

Aston, PA., May 14, 2007 Sensaphone® today introduced its latest remote monitoring and alarm notification system designed to protect pharmaceutical formulation, production, and packaging facilities. 

The Sensaphone 1800 remote monitor and alarm notification system protects pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities by monitoring power, water intrusion, temperature, and other critical environmental conditions. By monitoring such conditions, the Sensaphone 1800 protects inventories, equipment, and more. It offers enhanced
features, including the ability to sense and alarm on ultra-low temperatures down to -85 degrees Celsius.

When the Sensaphone 1800 detects a problem, it automatically issues an alarm to initiate action and avoid facility damage. The new system delivers alarm notifications to as many as eight recipients, and offers alarm history reviews, data logging, Web-based interface and remote control capabilities. Alarm notifications can be sent via voice phone or text messages to alphanumeric pagers and cells phones. It also comes with custom voice messaging on any alarm event. The 1800 can also upload status and history to a web server.

The Sensaphone 1800 comes in a sealed, weatherproof, lockable enclosure, providing added durability when used in harsh applications. Other added features include a rechargeable battery backup and extended temperature sensing.

For information about the Sensaphone 1800, call 1-877-373-2700 or visit

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