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Sensaphone Debuts Complete Line of Wireless Remote Monitoring Accessories

Sensors, repeaters, motion detectors expand Sensaphone 2800 capabilities

Aston, PA., August 28, 2007 — A complete line of wireless accessories, including sensors, repeaters, and motion detectors, for use with the recently introduced Sensaphone 2800 remote monitor and alarm notification system, is now available. The Sensaphone 2800 is a standalone unit requiring no monthly fees. It provides four hard-wired universal inputs and can work with up to four of the new wireless sensors to help protect equipment and facilities by alerting owners, managers, lab technicians, building supervisors, and others to changes in critical environmental conditions.

The wireless sensors have a range of up to 300 feet from the base unit, and an added repeater can extend the distance up to an additional 4,000 feet. Installation for each features plug-andplay simplicity, with the host unit automatically detecting and configuring new sensors.

Each accessory includes three AAA batteries with a three-year life expectancy and AC adapters. Available wireless accessories for the Sensaphone 2800 include:

  • Temperature sensor – measures temperature from –109 °F to 115 °F (-85 °C to 57 °C);
  • Dry contact sensor – for normally open or normally closed contacts;
  • Power failure sensor – monitors power failure from the host outlet for the AC adapter
  • Humidity sensor – measures humidity from 0 to 100% RH;
  • 4-20 mA sensor – works with any 4-20 mA transducer; custom table range so monitoring is in real engineering units; built-in 24 volt power supply for providing 4-20 mA loop power;
  • Motion detector – detects movement in a specific area for unauthorized entry or intrusion;
  • Spot water detection sensor – detects the presence of water on the floor;
  • Zone water detection sensor – detects the presence of water on a floor or in a false ceiling; comes with 10 feet of water rope to cover a larger area than other sensors;
  • Repeater – extends wireless sensor range an additional 4,000 feet.

The new technology gives owners and managers of farms, greenhouses, barns, freezers, walk-in coolers, and other light industrial facilities added monitoring options. The 2800 provides alarm event and status updates via telephone and custom voice messages. The unit monitors both battery level and sensor function.

For information about the Sensaphone 2800 and its wireless capabilities, call 1-877-373-2700 or visit

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