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Sensaphone Introduces The Web600 Network Based Monitoring Solution

Sensaphone IMS-1000 features data-logging capabilities

Aston, PA., February 2009 Sensaphone® introduces the all new Web600 low cost network based remote monitoring system. The Web600 provides continuous monitoring and reporting for up to six temperature sensors. Temperature sensors are available as a small metal probe, or packaged inside of a glass bead filled vile for a more realistic temperature profile. Both style sensors are available to monitor freezers down to –85 Degrees C and NIST calibration certificates are also available. For custom applications, there is also compatibility with third party Thermistor temperature sensors.

In addition to the temperature monitoring, the Web600 product can also monitor other conditions that may create a harmful situation at the facility, like humidity, power failure, water leaks, and more. Immediate alarm notification for all conditions is provided via emails and text messages. All status and programming is performed through an easy, convenient, built-in webpage. With an optional battery backup it can operate for up to three hours during a power outage when you need it the most.

Data logging and trending is build in with an internal storage of 64,000 time stamped records. Data can be retrieved through its built-in webpage in multiple formats. The Web600 is an inexpensive standalone hardware solution with no software maintenance costs, and no monthly fees.

For more information about the upgraded Sensaphone Web600, call 1-877-373-2700 or visit

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