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Sensaphone Introduces Remote Monitoring System with Satellite Communications

Aston, PA., July 2009 — The new Sensaphone SAT4D is a remote monitoring system designed to watch over equipment at remote sites no matter where they are located. Phone lines and cellular coverage are not always available, but the SAT4D’s satellite-based communications provide 100% coverage anywhere in the US.

Up to four conditions can be monitored as normally-open or normally-closed contacts. When any of the inputs change state, a message is immediately sent out via satellite. The satellite alarm messages are routed to our web server and then delivered as e-mails, text messages, or even custom voice phone calls. Two status messages per day are also automatically delivered to the website.

Since the SAT4D was designed for very remote applications in mind, it does not even require any power to operate. An internal battery will operate the system for at least five years.

For more information about the Sensaphone SAT4D, call 1-877-373-2700 or visit

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