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New Sensaphone Multipoint Wireless I/O System Accessory Delivers Reliable Wireless Monitoring to Remote Facilities

New Accessory Provides Alternative to Installing Costly Wire and Cable

Aston, PA, June 16, 2012 Sensaphone® today introduced its new Multipoint Wireless Input/Output (I/O) System for the monitoring of remote locations.

This latest accessory in the Sensaphone line of remote monitoring equipment transmits signals from remote facilities to a host Sensaphone unit. The system can be deployed across canals and rivers jump from building to building, over railway tracks and roadways, from one floor to another, around tank farms, and other locations. Its application is a less expensive alternative to installing cable or wire.

“The direct benefit of this new accessory is less costly monitoring of distant sites and the valuable materials and equipment that they house,” said Dave DeFusco, Vice President of Engineering at Sensaphone. “It provides a solution for effective monitoring of vital systems where direct cable runs are impossible or prohibitively expensive.”

The Multipoint Wireless I/O System includes a matched wireless transmitter and receiver that take two contacts and one 4-20mA signal and replicates them using radio signals. A sensor placed at the endpoint monitors conditions and transmits the data to the host Sensaphone system. When alarm conditions exist, the Sensaphone system reacts by automatically contacting pre-determined personnel via phone, fax, pager, or e-mail to issue alarm notifications.

The Multipoint Wireless I/O System uses frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology, which means that signals are secure, interference free, and require no FCC license. The signals are updated 50 times per second for fast response and are accurate up to five miles apart, depending on terrain.

“A Sensaphone Multipoint Wireless Input/Output (I/O) System can quickly pay for itself in both operational and capital expense savings” noted DeFusco. “Combining this new wireless system with the lineup of Sensaphone monitoring solutions makes economic sense for a wide range of applications.”

More information about the Multipoint Wireless Input/Output (I/O) System is available on the Sensaphone website at

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