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Sensaphone IMS-4000 Offers First Integrated Remote Monitoring System for Complete Infrastructure Environmental Monitoring of Data Center Facilities

Infrastructure monitoring system offers assurance for computer room environments and network devices from costly network downtime

Aston, PA, October 10, 2012— Sensaphone® has announced the availability of its IMS-4000, a comprehensive remote environmental monitoring solution for the growing demand to eliminate costly network downtime due to environmental issues.

The Sensaphone Infrastructure Monitoring System-4000 (IMS-4000) is the first-ever integrated remote system capable of simultaneously monitoring the computer room environment and network devices for non-stop functionality.

“Computer environment monitoring is critical so that the infrastructure is protected from extremes in temperature and humidity, and even unlawful break-ins. But that’s only half the solution,” said Dave DeFusco, Vice President of Engineering at Sensaphone. “The IMS-4000 also keeps tabs on individual devices for the ultimate in protection.”

The new IMS-4000 protects networks and maintains productivity by monitoring the computer room environment (temperature, humidity, etc.) and IP devices (servers, hubs, etc.) for changes in environmental conditions that can drastically affect the network’s performance. When the system detects unfavorable conditions, it automatically issues messages to alert appropriate personnel. IT managers can then react to interruptions before it’s too late—enhancing system availability and preventing loss of unrecoverable business productivity.

The IMS-4000 detects variances in environmental conditions such as ambient air temperature, humidity, water, power surges/outages, smoke, and unauthorized access to facilities. If the system detects dangerous fluctuations in any monitored variables, it instantly and automatically notifies personnel using pre-programmed instructions. Each IMS-4000 host and node unit supports up to eight environmental sensors. The IMS-4000 also monitors IP devices through pinging and port availability—any device that has a TCP/IP address can be monitored, up to 2,048 TCP/IP addresses on the network.

IMS-4000 features include:

  • Variety of Remote Communication Channels: Alarm messages are sent using a wide variety of channels— through the network via e-mail or an SNMP trap, through the phone lines with real-voice messages, via fax, and direct text messages. In addition, the IMS-4000 can be completely customized to contact different people depending on the problem or the time of day.
  • Scalable for Networks of All Sizes: The IMS-4000 is the first scalable system capable of protecting networks of all sizes and complexities. The product is designed to grow along with the infrastructure, allowing up to 31 IMS nodes for a total of 256 environmental variables, and a total of 2,048 TCP/IP addresses, and power in 32 separate locations. Such scalability allows the IMS-4000 to expand without additional technology investment.
  • Fast and Easy Installation: The IMS-4000 is “road ready” for IT managers. The system has a central IMS host module—a stand-alone network device with an internal UPS, flash-disk storage, integrated voice and modem card, and Web server in a simple to install 1U rack or wall-mountable package. The user-friendly packaging and intuitive configuration means there are no new disciplines required to install the system.

Additional IMS-4000 Technology Features

At the core of the IMS-4000 is a Linux operating system (OS) that provides an extremely stable and flexible foundation. The OS is programmed to continuously generate Web pages, making the most updated monitoring status accessible at all times, from anywhere.

Fault-tolerant, the IMS-4000 has no moving components and nonvolatile storage to eliminate disk disruption. In addition, built into the IMS-4000 is a completely independent battery backup and power supply, so monitoring continues even if any part of the network experiences a power outage.

The IMS-4000’s data-logging feature provides full event history and an audit trail so managers can store critical temperature, humidity, or other environmental information, plus detect alarm occurrence. Data logging also tracks user access to infrastructure by the minute, hour, or day.

An optional IMS-4000 accessory allows network and individual devices within the network to remotely turn on and off. This convenient feature saves staff time and companies money because they an often fix a problem without going to the facility.

“Everything is tied into the infrastructure,” explained DeFusco. “You can have all the software and the best technology in the world, but if a critical environmental situation arises it could take your entire infrastructure down.”

More information about the IMS-4000 is available on the Sensaphone website at:

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