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Sensaphone SAT4D Provides Reliable Remote Monitoring for Oil and Natural Gas Sites Located Anywhere

The ALL-NEW SAT4D Provides a Reliable Monitoring Solution for any Remote Site

Aston, PA., Nov. 19, 2013 Sensaphone® has announced the availability of its SAT4D satellite communications-based remote monitoring solution. The New Sensaphone SAT4D is designed to monitor remote sites no matter where they are located. Instead of relying on the availability of phone lines or cellular service, the SAT4D uses direct satellite communications to relay alerts and notifications.

Designed to monitor wellhead pressure, tank levels, flow, and other critical data points, the SAT4D issues alerts for power conditions and leaks to help keep oil and natural gas sites up and running as well as help prevent minor and catastrophic failures.  Four separate conditions can be monitored and alarm notification is delivered by voice phone calls and e-mails.

“Designed for the specialized needs of oil and natural gas remote site monitoring, the satellite-based communications available with the SAT4D means 100% communication coverage across the United States and many other countries,” explained Dave DeFusco, Vice President of Engineering at Sensaphone. “Additionally, the SAT4D requires no external power and comes in a hardened enclosure so adverse conditions or outages will not hamper its operation.”

Remote oil and natural gas equipment have distinct and critical monitoring requirements. The Sensaphone SAT4D is uniquely designed for monitoring and alerting changes to a wide variety of conditions in the equipment operating in remote locations.

The SAT4D features include:

  • Monitoring of up to 4 dry contact inputs for alarms.
  • When an alarm occurs, a message is sent via satellite that is delivered to the Sensaphone SAT4D website.
  • Up to eight custom voice phone calls are made to notify the appropriate personnel of the alarm.
  • Up to eight SMS text messages can also be sent for alarms.
  • Two status reports are automatically sent each day to the website.
  • Ability to log into your account at any time to check the latest status, check previous alarm events, or to make alerts and notifications changes.

In addition to the remote monitoring and alarm notification features, the SAT4D also includes GPS location technology. This allows the option to monitor mobile assets and the convenience of seeing the locations of your remote sites.

“For the oil and natural gas industry the SAT4D offers assurance that equipment is up and running and that there are no issues or failures requiring attention,” explained DeFusco. “If you are worried about downtime or problems at a remote site, the SAT4D is the most reliable monitoring solution available.”

More information about the SAT4D is available on the Sensaphone website at

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