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Sensaphone WEB600 Available for Cold Storage Remote Temperature Monitoring and Alerts

The WEB600 Provides a Flexible Cold Storage Solution at an Affordable Price

Aston, PA., Dec. 17, 2013Sensaphone® has announced the availability of its flexible, affordable, web-based Web600 remote temperature monitoring solution for cold storage. Designed to keep track of critical temperatures and other conditions, the new Web600 enables users to be notified immediately when current values exceed the normal range.

“With six universal inputs, the Sensaphone Web600 can be configured to watch the most critical conditions of your cold storage application,” explained Bob Douglass, Vice President of Product & Market Development at Sensaphone. “Our Web600 is a convenient web-based solution for systems where critical temperature monitoring and alerts are required.”

The Web600 is completely standalone, easy-to-use and is ideal for monitoring cold food storage, medical cold storage, and other temperature sensitive areas. In addition to temperature monitoring, the Web600 can also read values from humidity sensors, air quality sensors, water leak detection sensors and much more.

The Web600 can use a variety of temperature sensors, contact closures, or transducers to provide continuous monitoring and reporting for up to six temperature sensors. The device offers simple web based programming and the reporting includes data logging.

“This is a web-based product so current status, programming, and previous history can all be access quickly and conveniently through a web page,” explained Douglass. “If any conditions deviate from normal, the Web600 will immediately send e-mail alarms, text messages, and even SNMP traps.”

More information about the Web600 and compatible accessories is available on the Sensaphone website at

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