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Sensaphone Celebrates 30 Years of Providing Remote Monitoring Solutions

Sunken Boat Launches Successful Monitoring Technology Company

Sensaphone® is celebrating its 30th year as a leading provider of remote monitoring solutions. Proving that necessity is the mother of invention, engineer Ken Blanchard envisioned the first Sensaphone product in response to losing his unattended boat docked in Somers Point., N.J., twice in one year. Ken’s vessel sank after a storm because the bilge pump failed. He figured there had to be a way to create a remote device that could notify people when their property was in trouble.

At the time, Ken was the general manager of the Advanced Development and Engineering Center at conglomerate Gulf+Western. There, the original Sensaphone product was born directly from Ken's vision. In 1985, Ken bought the product line and started his own company to manufacture and sell the remote monitoring device that he invented and patented. From its creation in the basement of his family home, Sensaphone has become a multimillion-dollar company located in Aston, Pa.

Sadly, the Blanchard family, loyal customers and dedicated Sensaphone employees lost Ken in 2013. But the company continues to grow under the leadership of Ken’s daughter, company president Laura Blanchard.

“We are grateful to our customers and associates who have helped Sensaphone reach this milestone anniversary,” Blanchard said. “We look forward to continuing our legacy of providing systems that monitor environmental conditions and equipment – and giving homeowners, business owners and facility managers peace of mind.”

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