4-20mA Type Split Core Current Sensor

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Measure current flowing to equipment

The Sensaphone Split Core Current sensor will measure and provide real time current values to any Sensaphone that accepts a 4-20mA signal. When the current level falls outside of the Sensaphone’s programmed high or low limit, the user will receive an alarm which displays or reads the current value. The sensor can be programed to detect current levels from 0 to 200 A. The low profile enclosure allows the sensor to be placed in a single gang electrical box or mounted directly to the wall. The sensors have jumper selectable input ranges, are fast acting and extremely accurate from 1 to 100% of the full scale output, and are factory calibrated using a NIST traceable standard. A 24V DC power supply is required to power the sensor.

  • Measures current from 0 to 200A
  • Set high or low limit by programming the Sensaphone
  • Sensaphone will go into alarm when current exceeds limit
  • Available in 50 Amp or 200 Amp options

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