Power and Equipment Failure Monitoring

Monitor for power and equipment failures in your data center

It’s important to monitor the power distribution units (PDUs) that serve up your electronics’ power. Each server rack typically has an outlet strip powered by the PDU, and each strip’s load is monitored by the PDU itself. The PDU has a built-in alarm panel that will trigger an output relay when a power issue is detected in any of these strips or the main PDU.

Any Sensaphone system can easily be integrated into this alarm panel for instant alarm notifications. For redundant monitoring, an external power sensor can be plugged in to each strip to monitor for voltage drops. This backup will give you the assurance that each strip has power. And if the PDU ever fails to trip its relay or send an alert, you can instantly get the information you need from the monitoring system.

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Inevitably, power failures will occur. When they do, the uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) in your data center maintain the servers until the automatic transfer switch (ATS) calls for generator power. That’s why it’s important for you to maintain and routinely test UPS backup systems for optimum performance. Failing to do so could lead to a catastrophe during a power failure.

A self-test is integrated into each UPS. The self-test provides diagnostics on battery capacity, AC/DC load, and the charging system. It can also provide a power failure simulation. If any of these internal tests fail, an alarm panel will display the fault and activate a relay output. Equipping a monitoring system to the general alarm output on the UPS will produce an immediate alarm notification so that you can take corrective action. You only get one shot during a power failure, and the system needs to perform flawlessly.

Another key component to your backup power is the automatic transfer switch or ATS. The ATS transfers the load to your backup generator and can also advise the generator to start. Typically, there is a delay, and during this time the UPS units in place should maintain the power to your data center. Most transfer switches include auxiliary dry contacts specifically for alarming purposes. A Sensaphone system will seamlessly integrate into this alarm output.

Redundancy is ideal. Alongside your building’s fire and suppression system, your remote monitoring system can monitor and detect the presence of smoke or fire within the data center, IDF or PBX rooms and send a notification to the proper personnel. In addition, many fire alarm panels have auxiliary contact outputs that can be attached to your monitoring system for backup alarm notifications.

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