IMS Solution External Power Failure Sensor

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Power outage monitoring

The IMS External Power Failure Sensor is used exclusively with the Sensaphone IMS to monitor for the loss of power wherever it is plugged in. It reports any loss of power and measures the current voltage in the circuit, allowing you to know the status of things like individual server racks or a remote UPS. When the sensor detects power failure, it will communicate the failure back to the IMS system. Users will receive an alarm via phone, text message or email. The sensor can be plugged into any 110 volt AC outlet. The connection from the interface to the IMS system can use an existing CAT5 network wiring infrastructure, which powers the sensor and allows it to be installed in locations away from the IMS host device.

  • Simply plug this sensor into any outlet (110 volt AC) circuit needing to be monitored
  • Sends Sensaphone into alarm when power loss is detected
  • Can monitor status of a server rack or remote UPS
  • Measures current voltage in the circuit
  • Any failed generator starts are reported
  • Required RJ45 patch cable powers and connects sensor to Sensaphone

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  • Product Number: IMS-4840E

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