Water Detection Monitoring

Monitor water leaks in your data center

What’s going on underneath your raised floor shouldn’t be a mystery. Pipes can burst. Air conditioning units and cooling systems can leak from a failed condensate pump, broken supply lines or clogged drains. Sprinkler systems can malfunction. Obviously, water, computer equipment and electricity are a bad combination, and water on the floor can damage your equipment beyond repair.

Often a water problem can be festering for some time beneath a raised floor or above a drop ceiling without your knowledge. Early detection gives you enough lead-time to prevent a major shut down.

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Proper placement of water sensors is key. Water tends to puddle at the lowest point of the floor and underneath pipe junctions and air conditioning units. Placing a sensor too high won’t trigger an alarm until after a serious flood has occurred. The entire perimeter under the raised floor should be fitted with leak detection rope along any pipes carrying fluids through your data center, especially under any valves or fittings within the pipe runs. Sensaphone offers water detection sensors that can cover up to 100 square feet of floor space.

Potential water sources:

  • Air conditioning leakage and condensation
  • Water-cooled server rack
  • Condensation
  • Natural water/groundwater
  • Local plumbing – toilet, sink, sewer lines

Suggested Products

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Sensaphone IMS Zone Water Detection Sensor
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