Monitor & Control Temperature

Monitor and control the temperature in your greenhouse

Temperature control

Maintaining a controlled temperature within a greenhouse environment is crucial. Extreme temperature fluctuations have a significant impact on the plant’s yield and health and are a contributing factor in controlling plant anthesis (blooming).

Keeping your plants alive and healthy requires the best possible growing environment. For proper temperature monitoring and protection, a sensor should be placed at each end and in the middle of your greenhouse.

Spring and summer temperature monitoring

During the spring and summer months, a Sensaphone system can prevent heat buildup within a greenhouse. High temperatures pose many risks to your plants, including:

  • Dramatically affects the crops’ ability to produce fruit
  • Causes the leaves to wilt
  • Severely stresses plants

In addition, an overheated greenhouse can cause the soil to dry out quicker and increase water usage. A Sensaphone system sends an alert when temperature has reached a level unsafe for maintaining healthy plant production. If a circulation or exhaust fan is having mechanical issues, or the vents fail to open and release heat, users get an immediate notification. A Sensaphone system will notify users to allow them to take action and potentially save greenhouse inventory.

Greenhouse winterization

Greenhouse operations that winterize properly know the importance of a Sensaphone monitoring system. With the implementation of a Sensaphone greenhouse monitoring system, a grower will no longer need to routinely and manually check the greenhouse throughout the late fall and winter season. This can be a daunting and costly task, especially for larger facilities.

A Sensaphone system will monitor your greenhouse during critical night hours when temperatures are lowest. Once a heater fails or runs out of fuel, or a tarp is torn during strong winds, time is critical.

In a matter of hours, young plants with weaker root systems can be permanently damaged from the extreme cold. Mature plants are less prone to damage, but long-term exposure can be detrimental. Receiving an early freeze detection alert can save an entire season’s yield of crops and protect valuable plants from frost and freezing conditions.

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